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International Programs

Energy Systems Labs
for international exchange students in mechanical engineering at Reutlingen University.

As part of the Energy Systems Lab, a total of 8 experiments from the areas of thermo-dynamics, fluid dynamics and power and work machines are to be carried out during the semester. The international students, mainly from US universities, go through the internship in a group of preferably four people. Depen-ding on the number of registrations, 1-2 groups per semester can be expected. The language of instruction is English. The scope of this teaching position includes the implementation and supervision and the correction of the appropriate protocol during experimentation.

The duration of the teaching assignment is 2 semester hours weekly per group, whereby the specific implementation can be handled flexibly in consultation with the laboratory manager. It is advisable to conduct two tests in the morning or afternoon, which would require your presence at the university for the execution of the experiments across four half days per group. The correction of the test protocols and any consultation appointments with the students regarding the protocols have not yet been taken into account.

A person with good knowledge of physics or mechanical engineering would be desirable for the execution of the teaching assignment. Furthermore, good English language skills are required as well as joy and fun in dealing with international students.

Udo Stelzer

Hochschule Reutlingen, Hochschule für Technik- Wirtschaft-Informatik-Design
Reutlingen International Office
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